Friday, December 7, 2012

A Video Tour of Happy Bear Farms (hopefully)

As many of you know, about 2 months ago Jason and I put a bid on a house that we hope to name Happy Bear Farms.  It won't be a REAL farm, more like a small homestead.  It's on 3 acres, has a small barn, and a big space we can make a garden out of.  The house is a short sale, which means that its a big pain in the butt.  Right now our file is on some bureaucrat from Bank of America's desk and they're taking their sweet time to deal with it.  Yet our real estate agent and the listing real estate agent assure us that it will go through.  We wanted to go back to the property, take some measurements, get a better idea on what fixes we will want to do, etc.  We decided to use Jason's iPad to take some video so that our friends and family who live far away can see it.  I have embedded the video below.  We didn't realize that when we change the iPad from horizontal to vertical and vice versa that the viewers would need to look at it with their head tilted to see it. so apologies for that.  But here is the first videos of Happy Bear Farms.

This one is of the drive to the Farm, it was raining/snowing

This one was before the real estate agent got there, so it's of the outside and garage/shop areas

Here is the bottom floor of the house

Here is the top floor (bedrooms)

I hope that you guys like our house!

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