Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Remodeling Ideas for the Homestead

While we are waiting for Bank of America to accept our offer on our house, Jason and I have spent a ton of time dreaming, imagining, talking, and planning the remodeling we will do to make the house OUR HOME.  One perk of renting a fully furnished apartment is that we have a TV with cable (something neither of us has had for YEARS) and we have become HGTV addicts.  (What can we do to get crashed?!)  Yet when we watch those shows, the remodels seem much more drastic than what we want to do.  We're not going to knock out any walls or anything like that.  Our changes are mostly cosmetic. We are always looking for inspiration.

Jason and I spent Christmas in Las Vegas with his family.   Jason's family has a lot of experience with real estate and decorating houses and they had a great way for Jason and me to get ideas for Happy Bear Farms.  We spent two days going to model homes and open houses.  Walking through those houses we got a ton of ideas for things we want to do once we finally get the house.  I used my iPhone to record things that we might want to incorporate in some way into the house.
By putting the tile in this way, it makes the bathroom look larger than it is.

I really like these hanging lights.  I might want them a little darker in color so that the color shows through a little more.

We're going to tear out the island that is currently in that apartment and put in a new one that is something like this. We like the butcher board top and shelving on the bottom for all of our pots.  We also want stools for an informal eating area.
We want an oven like this-gas stove, electric oven, with a griddle burner in the middle.
I LOVE the granite that they used for this sink, but I wish they hadn't broken it into tiles.  GREAT COLORS!
Well we are still waiting to hear from Bank of America, but in the meantime we're dreaming about the house!  If you have any design ideas, let us know!


  1. So fun to dream and plan! Have you ever seen concrete counter tops? They can look really, really cool. Here are my tips for small bathrooms based on a teeny one we fixed up in Silver City.
    -put in an over-the-toilet cabinet (with doors)for storage of small stuff (toiletries, extra TP)
    -take out the bath vanity and put in a pedestal sink.
    It will open up the floor space hugely. You sacrifice a lot of storage space, but how much junk to do you need in a bathroom really, anyway? That's what worked for us. Of course we never got to apply any new ideas to our Colville bathroom before we sold the house. Oh well. That ugly little room is the new owner's problem now.
    I love the pendant lights in the kitchen. Kevin and Lisa Wolve have those in their new kitchen remodel and they look gorgeous. You or Jason should ask them about it!

    Good luck with the sale! You two will spiff that place right up.

  2. Great ideas Hillary!

    Jason has been looking at pedestal sinks for weeks. I'll ask Jason to talk to the Wolve's so that we can see their lights. Maybe we can make more friends. Thanks!