Saturday, May 18, 2013

Garden Update

We have kind of three garden areas in the new house.  There are lots of perennials planted in the retaining wall, many of the plants I still don't know what they are.  We also have the original garden (OG), a 15'X100' area planted by the orginal homeowners that has rhubard, raspberries, and strawberries.  And then we have our big garden space that we fenced in.  Here are some photos of the retaining wall garden.  If anyone knows what some of these flowers are, please comment!

Here's a photo of the whole garden.  You can see that it's overgrown, but I want to figure out what everything is before I start changing things.

Pretty yellow flower growing out of another plant.
The peonies are almost ready to bloom!
A different yellow flower growing amongst other things-are they weeds?  Should I be pulling them out?
Bleeding Hearts!
These aren't in the retaining wall, but they're spreading like crazy!

Next let me give you a photo tour of the OG!  Here's what the previous owners had already planted!

I think this is some kind of iris.  There are a ton of irises all around the property.

Crazy big rhubarb!

So many strawberries!  This winter I want to make it look like an E and make rows for easier picking.


And here is the garden that Jason and I built!  We still have a lot to do in it, but we've got a good start!

Tomatoes and Peppers in the raised Hugelkultur bed

Peppers and dill!

There's a butterfly drinking from the bird bath.  The solar fountain didn't survive the move.  :(

One of a bajillion hops plants!

Potato bed-the left side is red potatoes and the left are ozettes, a potato native to the Pacific Northwest!

Our row of 4 apple trees-Spizenburg, Cox Orange Pippen, Ashmead Kernal, and Arkansas Black

Our row of stone fruit-Craig Crimson Cherry, Red Globe Peach, Chinese Apricot, and Early Italian Plum

A friend gave us some golden raspberries, hopefully a few will survive.  These look really sad!

This will be an herb spiral soon



Our hugelkultur bed
Well, those are our gardens so far this spring.  We still need more vegetable gardens and to sheet mulch the grass away, but we're slowly getting there!

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