Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Haved Closed on Happy Bear Farm

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  First Jason got sick with some sort of flu or cold.  I also finally got my WA teaching license and jumped through the hoops to be a substitute teacher in Colville and Kettle Falls.  I've had a handful of calls to teach.  We've also been continuing with the repairs to the new house.  Then last week I got sick, I finally went to the doctor yesterday and got antibiotics for a sinus infection.  Yuck!  But the exciting news is that we have FINALLY closed on the house.  What a great Valentine's Day present!

So far in the house we have completed the following repairs:
  • Torn out all of the carpet, carpet liner, tack strips, and staples.
  • Peeled out all of linoleum and ripped out the particle board underneath.
  • Pulled off the counters and leveled them to get ready for the granite.
  • Dismantled the island and the kitchen desk.
  • Moved all the appliances into the garage-we hope to sell them.
  • Taken out the wood stove and the propane and patched the wall where the chimney went outside.
  • Installed a wood stove in the garage/shop.
  • Chipped out the floor and shower tile.
  • Put in pigtails for all the lights.
  • Had the walls textured and painted.
  • Repaired the wood storage area under the stairs.
  • Fixed the drywall in the pantry.
  • Repaired the chimney and re-framed it to code.
  • Dismantled two bathrooms
  • Taken apart all of the closets.
  • Had the granite delivered and installed in the kitchen counters and window seats.
There's not too much left for us to do.  In the next 2 weeks we have people coming in to refinish the hard wood downstairs, install hard wood on the stairs and upstairs, redo the floors in the mudroom, put in slate in the entry way and for the wood stove, and completely redo two of the bathrooms.  Although it won't all be finished, we will be moving in at the end of the month.  We're so excited and happy.  I am including some pictures of the progress that we have made.
There used to be tile and a wood stove there!

One view of our new granite counter tops and the patch where a chimney used to be.  It's kind of crazy but they cut through a stud when they put in that chimney.
Another view of our new granite counter tops and granite window sill and our under mounted sink
Close up of the sink
Jason with our new HUGE laundry sink-it's 36" wide and 24" deep
We've had mice getting into the house from behind the sink, so Jason put in new plywood bottom and is going to patch the pipes to keep out the little mice.  We've gotten 5 in the traps. :(
Can you believe this is the master shower?  They only had drywall behind the tile. 
It's kind of dark, but the window seats are the granite from the counter tops.

We re-framed the chimney on the second floor so that it fits to code.

The old wood stove from the house is now in the garage/shop.

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