Saturday, July 31, 2010

TMI Post

If talking about menstruation freaks you out, read no further.

I have been trying to find ways to live more simply, reuse more, have a more sustainable our local natural foods store, Jimbo's (great name, eh? I miss Mississippi Market), they sell reusable pads for women for something like $20 a pad. I took a look at them and thought, "Hey, I think that I could make them from cloth scraps." I had some old fabric that originally were bedsheets. I used them to make workout pants in a previous post. I cut them in pad-like shape and added velcro for the "wings." They worked nicely for last month's visit with Aunt Flo and washed easily for next month's visit. Each pad took about 15 minutes to make and because I used fabric scraps cost mere pennies.


  1. How cool Amber... reading this made me chuckle, but it also made me think.

  2. Amber, have you heard about the Diva Cup? Reusable, washable insert. Haven't tried it, but planning to get one soon..

  3. Cassy-glad to give you a laugh, and make you think. :)

    Brooke-I haven't heard of the Diva cup, but so far these pads have worked really well for me.

    I bring a ziplock in my purse to put them in when I need to change them, and for the most part they wash out, but if they have some stains, it's really no big deal since I am the only one who sees them.

  4. I've used this for about 12 years:

    Well, now I actually need a new one, since mine is starting to get worn and I've had a baby, but that's why they have two sizes. And very impressive that it lasted as long as it did. Very comfortable and practical.